Awards Page Design

Awards are great for really bringing your book to life 🙂 Personal to you, they are fun, humorous and a great way to remember your time at school. Whether you hold your awards voting online or offline, you can use our system to create some fantastic pages to add to your book. We expect to launch our awards page design tools in early 2015, you can get the ball rolling in the meantime with our favourite awards suggestions.

Editors: To create your awards, simply click the Votes & awards button in the Design & manage tab. You’ll notice as you add in each of your awards categories that it will default to using all members as nominees. If you’d prefer to choose only specific members click the custom nominees option, pop your nominees into the box and click save 🙂

To vote on awards you’ll need to click into the votes tab and cast your votes for each category using the drop down menus. Remember to click the green cast votes button when you are finished to register and complete your voting!

How long to print and deliver my yearbooks?

Our production and delivery time varies depending which type of book you choose and we’ve reduced our times right down this year to give you the quickest turnarounds possible. When you choose a delivery date you will be given a print deadline as well, so do make sure that both of these dates work for you!

Missing your print deadline will mean that your planned delivery date is no longer possible, and you’ll be moved to the next free slot (which may not be the following day). In previous years there has been a bit of wiggle room, though this year your order needs to be fully approved and ready to send to print by 3pm on the date you are given.

We’d suggest setting a deadline of around a week before your print date, and closing the book down to all members then. That will give you (and your staff proofreader) time to read over the book thoroughly and make any necessary changes. Please bear in mind we cannot send your order to print without full approval from both of you.

Budget paperbacks & Standard laminated hardbacks: 2 weeks from print to delivery
Premium hardbacks (leatherette or laminated): 3 weeks from print to delivery

Ideas for Awards categories

Awards pages are a great part of your yearbook, you can set up serious ones, funny ones, or a mix of both, but do be careful you don’t include anything upsetting or offensive.

Here are some of our favourites (and a word cloud is a great way to display them!)

awards ideas for blog-page-001

– Most likely to become Prime Minister
– Most likely to be famous
– Most likely to become a millionaire
– Most likely to win a Nobel Prize
– Most likely to become a WAG * Most likely to win an Oscar
– Most likely to take over the world
– Most likely to marry for money
– Most likely to get married first
– Most likely To Become A Model
– Most likely To Become A Nun
– Most likely to appear on Jeremy Kyle
– Most likely to win an Olympic Medal
– Most likely to rule the World
– Most likely to win X Factor
– Most likely to cure cancer
– Most likely to become a teacher
– Most likely to break a world record
– Most likely to become a comedian
– Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket
– Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30
– Couple most likely to get married

– Best dressed
– Best smile
– Best laugh
– Best couple
– Best hair
– Best looking female
– Best looking male
– Best Sportsman
– Best Sportswoman
– Best dancer
– Best bum
– Best musician
– Best legs
– Best teacher
– Best newcomer
– Best artist
– Best double act
– Best personality
– Best singer
– Best party
– Best Driver
– Best comedian
– Worst driver
– Worst attendance

– Most gullible
– Most sarcastic
– Most creative
– Most musical
– Most blonde
– Most hardworking
– Most artistic
– Most annoying laugh
– Most caring
– Most annoying but loved
– Most organised
– Most competitive

– Biggest Drama Queen
– Biggest flirt
– Biggest gossip
– Biggest party animal
– Biggest ego
– Biggest poser
– Biggest chav

– Class clown
– Funniest person
– Rear of the year
– Cutest couple
– Teachers pet
– Loudest
– Nicest person
– Party animal
– Funniest teacher
– Funniest laugh
– Nicest smile
– Favourite teacher
– Blondest
– Loudest person
– Quietest
– Prom queen
– Happiest person
– The [name of school] prize for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence

Bear in mind that something you meant as a joke might not be so funny to the person who wins it (or to their mum!). There has even been a case of a parent nearly suing a school when their child won the award for ‘most likely to go to prison’…not a great one to include!  If you’re not sure, do ask a teacher – each school will have their own rules as to what’s acceptable and what’s not, so it’s best to check.

Designing your own cover

You want your yearbook cover to be unique, creative and really geared to your year group, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to design the cover yourselves. Our designers are happy to work with your own designs; either realising rough drafts or polishing your finished design.

Your cover design can be anything at all, but here are some specific things you need to bear in mind so it will look good!

  • Size: design your front and back covers to be a single sheet of B5 each. B5 is 17.5cm wide by 25cm high. For designing front and back as one document, see below
  • Image quality: use good original digital camera photos (not social website downloads) and high quality logos and images throughout
  • Design file quality:  ensure your design document is created at 300dpi or higher. For pixel sizes for B5 pages, look here:
  • Keep your design editable: when you save JPG versions of your cover, ALWAYS keep a version you can re-edit near to hand – it may well need tweaks!

Your design can be designed in any program, or hand drawn, inked, painted (or finger-painted!) on paper. When designing in a program, save your design as a high quality JPG or PDF file to send to us, with any extra instructions. Scan paper designs at high resolution (300 dpi) and send it to us with your other instructions.

Designing Front and Back

Your cover will be a full colour design on both front and back, and running together over the spine. If you want to design your cover in this way, then create your design file according to the guide set out below. Remember to leave off spine text and email us with what you want on there – we will add it to your finished draft.

Click image to view large and right click for download options


Making international payments

We’re so pleased to have a growing international following, and we want to make it as smooth for you as possible. Payments from overseas can go wrong, so here’s how to do them right!

We only take international payments by bank transfer. Cheques can take time in the post, go missing, or incur big charges for you on arrival.

For added comfort, we recommend making your transfer as early as you can at each payment stage.  For second payments within the UK, we suggest they are made at least 2 weeks ahead of the go-to-print date; for international groups we’d advise 3 or 4 weeks ahead.

We also recommend that you request your bank to do the currency conversion at their end, and then make the payment to our bank in UK pounds. This will usually give you the lowest bank charges 😉

To make your international transfer, you’ll need our IBAN number and/or BIC/Swift code – please contact us for these.


Editors and Members: what’s the difference?

Editors: Design and direct the yearbook. Editors set and change the yearbook style, plan and modify pages, check and edit member content and uploads. They have access to all areas of the yearbook, including all member entries.

Set up profile questions, groups, photo labels and awards before allowing access to members.


Members: Anyone who contributes content. Members who login have less access than editors (You’ll notice just the tabs in blue):

  •  members can answer profile questions and suggest answers for friends in the Words tab; upload photos for use on their profile and throughout the book via the pics tab; register their online awards votes.
  • members can’t edit anyone else’s profile; delete uploaded photos other than their own; download photos or content; view account info like price or voting results; change yearbook page styles or other settings


View how to invite or add members to the yearbook here.

Premium yearbooks

Our new B5 yearbooks are a lovely size to read, and our improved pricing means you get a hardback book as standard, as well as a lot more pages for your money than in previous years.

Our standard hardback cover is finished with a full colour laminated design that our designers will work on with you.  You can either provide us with the complete covers, or we can make them to your specifications.

If you have a bit of extra money in your budget you can either add some extra pages to your book (and fill them with free collages!) or you could go for our premium upgrade package 🙂 Option 1 is our premium laminated hardback and just £5 extra per book gets you all of these great upgrades:

  • foil engraving on your front cover
  • printed endpapers inside both covers – these are the pages directly inside the front and back covers, and are the perfect place to put a year group photo, or your favourite collage, and
  • a bookmark ribbon in a choice of 15 colours

Our second option is the premium leatherette hardback:

  • Leather effect hardback with foil engraving on your front cover- you can see the foil and the leather effect colours below (bear in mind that the leather colours come out sightly darker than pictured here)
  • printed endpapers inside both covers
  • a bookmark ribbon in a choice of 15 colours

Ribbon swatch

Bookmark Ribbon Swatch

Leather swatch

Leatherette colours


Foil colours

Or why not do both?! For £5-6 extra you could have our premium upgrade and a pile of extra pages for collages, more profile space or a few more fond farewells from the staff – less than you’d pay for a pizza, and it’ll last a heck of a lot longer!

If you’d like to see our books, you can order a free information pack from us (email with your name, school name and address).  These are printed and bound in the same way as our yearbooks, and finished with our premium laminated hardback option.

If you’ve any further questions about your books, please do get in touch!

Advertising/sponsorship space in your yearbook

We see an increasing number of schools selling advertising space in their yearbooks, or getting sponsorship from local businesses.

This is a great way of adding some extra funds to your yearbook budget so why not give it a go?!  Here are some ideas for who to approach…

Primary: (we don’t see too many primary schools using adverts to be honest but I don’t see why not – you could set a trend!)                                                                                  You could approach parents who run their own local companies, or, for final year students why not ask local secondary schools?

Year 11:                                                                                                                          Driving instructors, Prom hire companies, hairdressers, beauty salons, Sixth Form Colleges.

Year 13:                                                                                                                                As for Year 11 – you could also try Universities and other local Further/Higher Education options.

Universities:                                                                                                                      We see a lot of adverts from course related suppliers – eg medical courses often have ads for pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers etc.  Try local companies who run Graduate programmes and have a high intake from your course/Uni.  You could also approach local bars and clubs, hairdressers, travel agents…  Another good one is Graduation gown hire companies.

If you decide to sell advertising space in your yearbook, you and the supplier will need to organise this between yourselves.  We’re happy to advise on artwork if need be, but we won’t get involved with payments or pricing in any way.  I’d suggest the best approach to pricing is to work out your ideal budget per student, and use the advertising funds to pay for additional pages, or our premium upgrade.

Alternatively (obviously only for students aged 18 and over) you could subsidise the cost of everyone’s book so you have enough left over for one last trip to the pub together before you leave.

Blocking or deleting members

Why can’t people just be nice?! You will keep these yearbooks forever (we hope 😀 ) and you don’t want to be reading some clever clog’s smart comments in 30 years time – it’s not going to make you remember them fondly.

There are a few options for how to control troublesome members, if it’s just their own profile that they’ve been messing around with the easiest way to deal with it is just to remove their profile from the group it’s in which means it won’t be visible in the book.  This is easily reversed, but remember it doesn’t remove any suggestions they’ve made, photos they’ve uploaded etc – it just hides their profile.

Block only: Next would be to block them from accessing the book and to speak to them to find out what’s going on – you can undo the block quickly if you find out that their account got hacked, or it was a friend being ‘helpful’.  If you delete them without even speaking to them they’re likely to be a bit annoyed!  If you choose to ‘block only‘ and the member is currently online, they will be logged out of the book immediately. They won’t be able to log back in, or use the forgotten password feature until they are unblocked.  All of their content (profile answers, profile photos, and collage photos) will remain in the book, so make sure you’ve edited out anything rude/offensive (  If they try to log back in to the book, or rejoin with the same email address, they will be informed that they have been blocked.

Block and delete: The final course of action would be to block and delete them. If you decide that you need to ‘block and delete‘ the member, they will be logged out of the book immediately if they are online and all of their content will be deleted from the book, including their complete profile and any photos they have uploaded to collage folders.  Please note: You cannot undo this!

A deleted member can’t log back into the book or rejoin with the email address you deleted.  If they try, they will be informed that they have been blocked.

Editing inappropriate or offensive content

You might find that some of your members aren’t interested in writing anything serious in the yearbook – in most cases this is fine – it’s not a piece of coursework, after all!  But do remember that the book is being printed bearing the school’s name, and that what one person finds funny might really upset someone else.

Before we print your book we’ll ask you (and a member of staff at the school) to proofread it.  If there’s too much swearing, inappropriate photos or any rude or offensive comments I’d suggest you take them out.  We reserve the right to refuse to print books that contain offensive or inappropriate material but the responsibility for finding and checking this lies with you – here’s how to change any entries that need it:

Click the person’s name on the members tab.  Click ‘Edit members’ answer‘ button (see red arrow) or the ‘Change pic’ button to replace a dodgy photo.

edit inappropriate content

You can also snap between a person’s profile and their preview in the Book tab.  If you’re looking at the Book tab preview and you see a profile you want to change, simply click on the person’s profile.  When you’ve finished editing and have saved, click ‘view profile in book’ to snap back to your place in the Book tab.

Once you’ve changed your answers, be sure to save them and update the book in the Book tab.  Remember your teacher is unlikely to let the book go to print filled with obscenities and please think about how things will read to people that don’t know you!

Bear in mind that if your members are still logging in, they might change their answers back – if you find this happens often, or the same people are repeatedly causing trouble you can block or delete them – see for how to do this 🙂