Editing inappropriate or offensive content

You might find that some of your members aren’t interested in writing anything serious in the yearbook – in most cases this is fine – it’s not a piece of coursework, after all!  But do remember that the book is being printed bearing the school’s name, and that what one person finds funny might really upset someone else.

Before we print your book we’ll ask you (and a member of staff at the school) to proofread it.  If there’s too much swearing, inappropriate photos or any rude or offensive comments I’d suggest you take them out.  We reserve the right to refuse to print books that contain offensive or inappropriate material but the responsibility for finding and checking this lies with you – here’s how to change any entries that need it:

Click the person’s name on the members tab.  Click ‘Edit members’ answer‘ button (see red arrow) or the ‘Change pic’ button to replace a dodgy photo.

edit inappropriate content

You can also snap between a person’s profile and their preview in the Book tab.  If you’re looking at the Book tab preview and you see a profile you want to change, simply click on the person’s profile.  When you’ve finished editing and have saved, click ‘view profile in book’ to snap back to your place in the Book tab.

Once you’ve changed your answers, be sure to save them and update the book in the Book tab.  Remember your teacher is unlikely to let the book go to print filled with obscenities and please think about how things will read to people that don’t know you!

Bear in mind that if your members are still logging in, they might change their answers back – if you find this happens often, or the same people are repeatedly causing trouble you can block or delete them – see https://support.allyearbooks.co.uk/block-or-delete/ for how to do this 🙂