Adding photos, profile text and voting online

This video explains how to add content as a member.

Uploading photos: Use the “Pics” tab to upload photos to be used anywhere in the yearbook. Use labels (added by editors) and tags to organise photos once uploaded.


Adding profile text: Use the “Me” tab to answer profile questions. Any questions left unanswered will not appear on your profile when printed.


Voting in online awards: Once editors have added award categories, you can cast a vote for each award. You can change your votes anytime whilst polls are open.


Editors and Members: what’s the difference?

Editors: Design and direct the yearbook. Editors set and change the yearbook style, plan and modify pages, check and edit member content and uploads. They have access to all areas of the yearbook, including all member entries.

Set up profile questions, groups, photo labels and awards before allowing access to members.


Members: Anyone who contributes content. Members who login have less access than editors (You’ll notice just the tabs in blue):

  •  members can answer profile questions and suggest answers for friends in the Words tab; upload photos for use on their profile and throughout the book via the pics tab; register their online awards votes.
  • members can’t edit anyone else’s profile; delete uploaded photos other than their own; download photos or content; view account info like price or voting results; change yearbook page styles or other settings


View how to invite or add members to the yearbook here.

Help! I forgot my login details!

If it’s your password you’ve forgotten, you can request a reset email be sent to you.  Go to our website and click the green ‘log in or join book’ button in the top right of the screen. Now just click the ‘forgot password?‘ link.

forgot password link

You will be prompted to enter your email address then you need to hit the ‘Send forgotten password email’ button 🙂

But I’ve forgotten my email address too!

How did you manage that?! 😀 Get in touch with us – email or call the office on 01223 503259.  We can’t make any promises to let you straight back in, for security reasons we need to be 100% sure it’s you, not someone else trying to gain access to your account.