Yearbooks FAQ

What kinds of yearbook do you make?

We make 4 kinds of B5 sized yearbook: a paperback option, a standard laminated hardback, a premium laminated hardback and a leatherette hardback. Find out more about our yearbook options

What does making a yearbook involve?

Your yearbook project will showcase your creativity, organisation and time management skills. Get your to-do checklist

What are the first things I should set up in my book?

Before you open your book to members you’ll need to set up profile questions, groups, labels and awards. To find out more about our yearbook online system you can re-quest a sample pack. Check out our getting started guide

How do I add my yeargroup to the book I’ve created?

Depending on whether you want to get everyone online or complete the book manually, you’ll be inviting or adding members. Read about your invitation options

Do you have any suggestions for profile questions?

Of course! View our favourite profile questions

Do you have any suggestions for awards categories?

Sure! Here’s a list of the most popular awards categories

Does a teacher have to be involved?

Yes, the school will need to let us know how involved in the process they wish to be! Learn more about the different levels of school involvement

I’m a member in the yearbook- what do I need to do?

You’ll need to complete your profile by uploading photos, answering profile questions and voting on awards. If you’re unsure on where to start, check out our members guide

Help! I’ve forgotten my log in details?!

Go to our homepage and click the log in button. You’ll see a forgotten password link here to help you get back online! Find out how to reset your log in details

How do I add profile pages?

Click the Add pages button and select ‘profiles’. You can choose your preferred layout and select how many pages you wish to create in this style. Watch our short video tutorial

How do I make collages or other page types?

Click the Add pages button and select which page type you wish to create. You can then click the relevant icon in the design toolbar for some speedy templates. Learn how to collage like a pro!

How can I customise my page?

Click onto the Theme button when viewing a spread and select your colour palettes, fonts and backgrounds. Check out our 3 step tutorial to customising designs

How do I create my cover and endpaper designs?

Click onto the Setup tab  and click the cover/endpaper option to view examples and leave your design brief. View more example covers and endpapers

How do I make an awards page?

Click onto the add pages button and select awards. You can then choose from our premade awards templates or create your own layouts before dropping your awards categories into place! View our step-by-step tutorial

How do I convert my files to PDF?

This depends on which software you’ve used to create the file. Here are the PDF conversion options

How do I pay?

We accept cheque, bank transfers and cards payments as part of your payment plan. For more info, click here

How long before I get my books?

Depending on which book style you choose, your books will be printed and delivered to you within the UK in 2 or 3 weeks. Read about book specific lead times

What are your delivery costs?

Delivery to a single UK mainland address is free! Click here for European and Rest of World delivery charges

Can I use your website on my phone or tablet?

Fairly recent phones and tablets with Android or iOS should generally work well with our online yearbook creation system. If you’re unsure, please check our mobile and tablet support terms

Which internet browsers do you support? We support a lot of different browsers to enable you to yearbook on the go! Click here for a full list of compatible browsers

Can you help me design my book?

Of course! The whole support team is on hand to offer help and advice regarding the design of your book.

What about GDPR?

We have conducted a full audit and updated our privacy policy to include some additional information to fully comply with the new GDPR regulations.

Customers who have specific privacy concerns or GDPR questions are encouraged to speak to a member of the AllYearbooks staff by phone or email.

More information can be found at

Yearbook Cover Design – how much does it cost?

Yearbook cover design is completely free of charge, so all you need to do is think about what you would like on the cover of your yearbook. We have lots of templates and designs to choose from but if there is a particular idea, or style that you are looking for make sure you let our designers know early in the process and we can help bring your idea to life!

What happens if I miss my deadline?

If you miss your yearbook deadline, don’t worry! We do our best to keep you on track but we know that it’s not always possible. If you still need to receive your leavers yearbook for a particular date then we do offer an Express Printing service. This does incur a 10% charge but shortens the delivery by a few days to help you meet that all important deadline.