Awards Ideas

Awards pages are a great part of your yearbook, you can set up serious ones, funny ones, or a mix of both, but do be careful you don’t include anything upsetting or offensive.

Here are some of our favourites:

– Most likely to become Prime Minister
– Most likely to be famous
– Most likely to become a millionaire
– Most likely to win a Nobel Prize
– Most likely to become a WAG *
– Most likely to take over the world
– Most likely to marry for money
– Most likely to get married first
– Most likely To Become A Model
– Most likely To Become A Nun
– Most likely to appear on Jeremy Kyle
– Most likely to win an Olympic Medal
– Most likely to rule the World
– Most likely to win X Factor
– Most likely to cure cancer
– Most likely to become a teacher
– Most likely to break a world record
– Most likely to become a comedian
– Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket
– Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30
– Couple most likely to get married

– Best dressed
– Best smile
– Best laugh
– Best couple
– Best hair
– Best looking female
– Best looking male
– Best Sportsman
– Best Sportswoman
– Best dancer
– Best bum
– Best musician
– Best legs
– Best teacher
– Best newcomer
– Best artist
– Best double act
– Best personality
– Best singer
– Best party
– Best Driver
– Best comedian
– Worst driver
– Worst attendance

– Most gullible
– Most sarcastic
– Most creative
– Most musical
– Most blonde
– Most hardworking
– Most artistic
– Most annoying laugh
– Most caring
– Most annoying but loved
– Most organised
– Most competitive

– Biggest Drama Queen
– Biggest flirt
– Biggest gossip
– Biggest party animal
– Biggest ego
– Biggest poser
– Biggest chav

– Class clown
– Funniest person
– Rear of the year
– Cutest couple
– Teachers pet
– Loudest
– Nicest person
– Party animal
– Funniest teacher
– Funniest laugh
– Nicest smile
– Favourite teacher
– Blondest
– Loudest person
– Quietest
– Prom queen
– Happiest person
– The [name of school] prize for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence

Bear in mind that something you meant as a joke might not be so funny to the person who wins it (or to their mum!). There has even been a case of a parent nearly suing a school when their child won the award for ‘most likely to go to prison’…not a great one to include!  If you’re not sure, do ask a teacher – each school will have their own rules as to what’s acceptable and what’s not, so it’s best to check.