Add Members

Now that you’re past the initial set up (adding profile questions, groups, photo labels and awards) it’s time to get members involved. You can manage members in the  “Members & groups” area by clicking the Members & groups button on the set up tab. Here you’ll find options to add profiles groups, manage editors etc but for now you’ll need to click the Add or invite members button.

There are a few options here depending on whether you want to open the book to members or if you want to complete the book on your yeargroups behalf. Depending on which you’d prefer, either:

Invite members: If you want the yeargroup to log in and add their own content. We recommend this option, as it’s a really quick and easy way to collect photos and text.

Add members manually: If you want to add content on behalf of members, and they won’t be logging in. Useful for younger yeargroups.