Sample profile questions

Need some inspiration for your profile questions?

If you want to give your members free reign, you can set up one general question, such as ‘about me’, or ‘leavers comment’.

Sometimes we find that people aren’t too sure what to write without a few clues – if your book is slow getting off the ground this may be why.  Have a look below for some sample questions:

Message to your future self

Favourite memory from school

Favourite teacher

Favourite lesson

My confession…


If I was a superhero I’d be

In 10 years time I’ll be…

If I could spend the day as another student I’d be…

3 words that best describe me are…

My hero is…

If I was invisible for 24 hours I would…

Where are you going next?

Proudest moment

Biggest achievement

I’d like to thank…

What is the meaning of life?

Favourite quote

I’ll never forget the time…

Any last words?

Most embarrassing moment

Favourite teacher quote

Most likely to say/do…

Best kept secret

Stupidest in joke

Secret crush

Favourite song

What will you miss most?

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