Creating Awards Pages

Awards are great for really bringing your book to life 🙂 Personal to you, they are fun, humorous and a great way to remember your time at school. Whether you hold your awards voting online or offline, you can use our system to create some fantastic pages to add to your book.

To get started, click the add pages button and select the Awards page type. You’ll then be presented with a blank page and the awards tab will be open for you so you can get started with the design.


There are a number of ways to design your page, you can create a quick grid layout if you know exactly how many awards you want on each page or you can choose a pre-made layout 🙂 Once you’ve chosen a layout, you’ll want to start adding your awards onto the page itself.


You’ll notice your awards categories in the Awards tab and you can click onto an award to drop it onto the layout you’ve created or you can drag and drop each category into a set position. Our awards page designer is much more flexible than in previous years so you can adjust the sizing of each award to make room for additional text and titles or rotate them 🙂 Your awards winners will update automatically as votes are cast in the book by members but don’t forget you can always rig the results if you need a specific person to win an award!