Mobile and tablet support

Using the site from a mobile or tablet?

Fairly recent phones and tablets with Android or iOS should generally work well with our online yearbook creation system. Some exotic feature aren’t currently supported on touch devices and we are working on better optimising our system for mobile users.


We regularly test the site on the Nexus 7 tablet. Almost all functionality should work on recent Android devices, though the experience will be better with more recent Android releases (Ice Cream Sandwich and above) on larger screen sizes.

iPhone 3GS or higher; iPad 2 or higher

Most features should work as expected, particularly if on iOS 6 or above. If you are on iOS 5 or below you will not be able to upload photos via your iPhone although you can upgrade to iOS 6 (which is free) then photo uploads will work.

iPad 1

This runs on iOS 5 and unfortunately cannot be upgraded to iOS 6 so photo uploads won’t work. Most other features should work fine.

Windows Phones, Blackberrys and Symbian phones

We only test the site on Android and iOS devices. Some functionality may work on other mobile devices but undoubtedly there will be some features that won’t work.

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