Does a teacher have to be involved?

The short answer is yes! Even if they are happy for you to make the books entirely by yourselves, we do need a member of staff (usually your Head of Year or Headteacher) to let us know they are happy for you to do this.  We would ask you to get us a name and email address for them, and we’ll get in touch to offer them one of the following options:

  • to be involved throughout the process;
  • to authorise a named student to proofread and confirm the book on behalf of the school;
  • To become involved in the process once the book is at proof reading stage; or
  • school is completely uninvolved in the process (if they pick this option they might want to ask you not to use the logo, pictures of the school, teachers names etc)

As the book goes out bearing the school’s name, it’s far better to get a member of staff on board and make sure they’re happy with it – making a few changes for them before the book goes to print could save a lot of work later on, and possibly a costly reprint! To send over your chosen staff proof-readers details, simply email your coordinator, call us on 01223 503259 or send us a message via the instant chat!