Blocking or deleting members

Why can’t people just be nice?! You will keep these yearbooks forever (we hope 😀 ) and you don’t want to be reading some clever clog’s smart comments in 30 years time – it’s not going to make you remember them fondly.

There are a few options for how to control troublesome members, if it’s just their own profile that they’ve been messing around with the easiest way to deal with it is just to remove their profile from the group it’s in which means it won’t be visible in the book.  This is easily reversed, but remember it doesn’t remove any suggestions they’ve made, photos they’ve uploaded etc – it just hides their profile.

Block only: Next would be to block them from accessing the book and to speak to them to find out what’s going on – you can undo the block quickly if you find out that their account got hacked, or it was a friend being ‘helpful’.  If you delete them without even speaking to them they’re likely to be a bit annoyed!  If you choose to ‘block only‘ and the member is currently online, they will be logged out of the book immediately. They won’t be able to log back in, or use the forgotten password feature until they are unblocked.  All of their content (profile answers, profile photos, and collage photos) will remain in the book, so make sure you’ve edited out anything rude/offensive (  If they try to log back in to the book, or rejoin with the same email address, they will be informed that they have been blocked.

Block and delete: The final course of action would be to block and delete them. If you decide that you need to ‘block and delete‘ the member, they will be logged out of the book immediately if they are online and all of their content will be deleted from the book, including their complete profile and any photos they have uploaded to collage folders.  Please note: You cannot undo this!

A deleted member can’t log back into the book or rejoin with the email address you deleted.  If they try, they will be informed that they have been blocked.