Making international payments

We’re so pleased to have a growing international following, and we want to make it as smooth for you as possible. Payments from overseas can go wrong, so here’s how to do them right!

We only take international payments by bank transfer. Cheques can take time in the post, go missing, or incur big charges for you on arrival.

For added comfort, we recommend making your transfer as early as you can at each payment stage.  For second payments within the UK, we suggest they are made at least 2 weeks ahead of the go-to-print date; for international groups we’d advise 3 or 4 weeks ahead.

We also recommend that you request your bank to do the currency conversion at their end, and then make the payment to our bank in UK pounds. This will usually give you the lowest bank charges 😉

To make your international transfer, you’ll need our IBAN number and/or BIC/Swift code – please contact us for these.