Premium yearbooks

Our new B5 yearbooks are a lovely size to read, and our improved pricing means you get a hardback book as standard, as well as a lot more pages for your money than in previous years.

Our standard hardback cover is finished with a full colour laminated design that our designers will work on with you.  You can either provide us with the complete covers, or we can make them to your specifications.

If you have a bit of extra money in your budget you can either add some extra pages to your book (and fill them with free collages!) or you could go for our premium upgrade package 🙂 Option 1 is our premium laminated hardback and just £5 extra per book gets you all of these great upgrades:

  • foil engraving on your front cover
  • printed endpapers inside both covers – these are the pages directly inside the front and back covers, and are the perfect place to put a year group photo, or your favourite collage, and
  • a bookmark ribbon in a choice of 15 colours

Our second option is the premium leatherette hardback:

  • Leather effect hardback with foil engraving on your front cover- you can see the foil and the leather effect colours below (bear in mind that the leather colours come out sightly darker than pictured here)
  • printed endpapers inside both covers
  • a bookmark ribbon in a choice of 15 colours

Ribbon swatch

Bookmark Ribbon Swatch

Leather swatch

Leatherette colours


Foil colours

Or why not do both?! For £5-6 extra you could have our premium upgrade and a pile of extra pages for collages, more profile space or a few more fond farewells from the staff – less than you’d pay for a pizza, and it’ll last a heck of a lot longer!

If you’d like to see our books, you can order a free information pack from us (email with your name, school name and address).  These are printed and bound in the same way as our yearbooks, and finished with our premium laminated hardback option.

If you’ve any further questions about your books, please do get in touch!