Yearbooks for societies, clubs and other groups

With low prices and orders as small as 20 copies, almost any group of people can create a yearbook to remember their time together. They’re fun and easy to create online.

Yearbooks are mainly the province of education, but this is changing fast – we’re getting more and more non-school customers every year.

We’ve made yearbooks for sports teams, gap year groups, departments within of a company, churches, expedition teams and groups of friends.


Yearbooks are a great way to get to members in your group, build camaraderie in the office or commemorate a special occasion.

Because we have a very automated system, we can create inexpensive year books for very small groups not catered for by many of our competitors.

Create your books online using one of the most advanced yearbook systems available – every member can log in to do their own bit in a collaborative environment.

Let us design a stunning full colour cover for your yearbooks to really impress everyone in your group.

We also make gorgeous photo collages for your year books. Your members simply upload photos from their computer and then you let us know how the collages should look.

If you’d like to know more, please have a look at our prices, view an online demo or contact us for more information.

Primary school yearbooks

Primary school yearbooks

Yearbooks for primary schools are a relatively new idea but growing in popularity. They’re a great way to remember the formative years – for the children, the parents and the teachers.

Primary school yearbooks are a fairly new idea but they can work brilliantly, bringing lots of joy to teachers, parents… and of course the pupils!

These books are almost always organized by a member of the PTA (a parent or a teacher) and sometimes involve some sort of fund-raising to help keep the price of the books down.

You can either set it up so that every pupil (and teachers and parents too, if you want) can log in to the website and add their own photos and text, or have everything channeled through an adult.

Sometimes primary school yearbooks are for the whole school, but it’s more common to have them for just the leaving year instead, perhaps with a few pages for lower years.

Do try to engage the children as much as possible with designing pages (including the cover), taking photos and writing about each other.

If you’d like to know more, please have a look at our prices, view an online demo or contact us for more information.

Professional, high-quality yearbooks

We take pride in producing truly high-quality yearbooks. Our yearbooks are printed on an industry-standard digital printing press, and finished to an exceptionally high standard.

Some schools choose to have their yearbooks printed on their own printers and photocopiers, resulting in poor quality black and white pages. Their books are then bound with cheap glue or with plastic spirals. Not only is the end result unimpressive, but when the cost to the school of buying the ink, paper etc is taken into account, its not actually that much cheaper – if at all – either.

Local printers are also not the best option, as binding the yearbooks – particularly hardbacks – is offered by only a small selection of providers.
Vivid full-colour pages – not boring black and white
All pages in our yearbooks are full-colour, and we no longer offer a blank and white option. With colour printing prices falling, there’s little reason to go for a black and white yearbook.

Guaranteed quality
If there is a problem with any of the yearbooks we deliver to you, we’ll replace it free of charge as quickly as possible.

Collaborative creation process

No longer does a yearbook just have to be the work of a select few editors. With our web-based system, everyone can make their own contribution to your yearbook.

Everyone does their bit for the yearbook… online. No fussing around with bits of paper, scanning photos, copying and pasting chunks of text. The yearbook is for the whole year and the whole year can get involved. This is a top reason as to why our system is better than many of those offered by other companies.

There are other companies providing a web-based yearbook system now, but often they’re only for the editors of the yearbook, meaning that you still have to do all the work of collecting in text and photos from everyone in the group. Don’t do it! It’s a lot of work and will take you so much longer.

University and college yearbooks

University life can be one big party – but don’t let the memory fade! By creating a yearbook for your hall of residence, department, sports club, group of friends or entire university you’ll find a way to remember the glory days for years to come.

Universities vary in size and structure, but usually you’ll find people are grouped in various ways, and you can create a yearbook for any group, whether it has 40 people in it or 4,000 people! Examples of such groups are: halls of residence, sports clubs, social clubs, close-knit groups of friends, course groups (we do lots of medics yearbooks), yeargroups and the entire university. There’s nothing to stop any group forming and proclaiming “We will be remembered!”… and having a yearbook made to keep those memories.

Thanks to our unique online yearbook system, producing a yearbook is communal fun rather than a major chore for one or two individuals. Students can fill out a profile online, upload a photo or two and browse around other students’ entries, resulting in hours of fun and laughter.

Whatever your requirements, we should be able to cater for you.

If you’d like to know more, please have a look at our prices, view an online demo or contact us for more information.

Fast yearbook production

Fast yearbooks

Our web-based yearbook system makes creating your yearbook super fast

The books take between 10 and 17 working days to deliver

That’s how long it takes to print and deliver the yearbooks. Of course you’ve got to actually create the content for them first too!

Our web-based system makes creating the content for your yearbooks far quicker than traditional methods — we’ve had one school do the whole thing in just one week. Realistically though, you’ll want to leave at least a couple of months and preferably longer so that you can make your books perfect.
Start early, bear in mind exams
If you have exams then try to make sure your yearbook work doesn’t clash with these in any way. Its always best to get started early and plan to finish several weeks before you absolutely need to.

To make our service so super-fast we do have a limited range of templates available. However, we always try to accommodate new ideas and suggestions from our clients.
Save time with our online system
Because most of the legwork is done by the online system, there’s very little human-work needed to be done by either yourself or AllYearbooks. So just because you’re editor of your yearbook, doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on it rather than revising for important exams. Also, it means we can keep our prices at the lowest possible level.

We make both school and university yearbooks. In fact, we can make yearbooks for any groups of people – sports clubs, weddings, business, colleges, communities… the list is endless.

You can contact us, find out more about our prices or try an online demo.

Frequently asked questions

Yearbook questions? We’ll give you some answers!

If you can’t find your answer below
just contact us to see if we can help.
Below are answers to some commonly-asked questions.

What is the minimum order amount?
15 books with 28 pages (sides of paper) per book. We can also produce shorter runs on request. If you do have a very small group, you can also consider just buying an online or CD based solution from us.

How much does a yearbook cost?
We offer market-leading prices which should suit all budgets. The more copies of a yearbook produced, the cheaper they cost per copy. The more pages, the higher the cost. Have a look at our prices page.

How quickly can a yearbook be produced?
We can go from complete scratch to the delivery of a yearbook in just 4 weeks outside our busy season (April until August). However, we recommend leaving at least six weeks, and there’s no reason why we can’t start work on the yearbook before that. Many people start producing their yearbooks at the beginning of the academic year, with deliveries for last day of term or results day.

How much work does the yearbook committee have to do?
Very little! Traditionally, a yearbook committee would have to collate biographies, answers to questions, photos and other information from everyone in the yearbook, perhaps on little pieces of paper or by email. Then they would spend ages with desktop publishing software laying out the pages. But our online yearbook system makes the editors’ task a doddle. All we need from the editor is a list of email addresses for members and a rough idea of what is required and then our online system handles almost everything else.

What’s this online yearbook system I keep hearing about?
We’ve invested heavily in a web-based sytem to make yearbook production a walk in the park. It reduces the amount of time and effort required for each production to a bare minimum. Members of the yearbook log in and enter their details online. Members and the general public (you can turn this feature off if required) can browse the yearbook online during its production and for years after.