Collaborative creation process

No longer does a yearbook just have to be the work of a select few editors. With our web-based system, everyone can make their own contribution to your yearbook.

Everyone does their bit for the yearbook… online. No fussing around with bits of paper, scanning photos, copying and pasting chunks of text. The yearbook is for the whole year and the whole year can get involved. This is a top reason as to why our system is better than many of those offered by other companies.

There are other companies providing a web-based yearbook system now, but often they’re only for the editors of the yearbook, meaning that you still have to do all the work of collecting in text and photos from everyone in the group. Don’t do it! It’s a lot of work and will take you so much longer.

University and college yearbooks

University life can be one big party – but don’t let the memory fade! By creating a yearbook for your hall of residence, department, sports club, group of friends or entire university you’ll find a way to remember the glory days for years to come.

Universities vary in size and structure, but usually you’ll find people are grouped in various ways, and you can create a yearbook for any group, whether it has 40 people in it or 4,000 people! Examples of such groups are: halls of residence, sports clubs, social clubs, close-knit groups of friends, course groups (we do lots of medics yearbooks), yeargroups and the entire university. There’s nothing to stop any group forming and proclaiming “We will be remembered!”… and having a yearbook made to keep those memories.

Thanks to our unique online yearbook system, producing a yearbook is communal fun rather than a major chore for one or two individuals. Students can fill out a profile online, upload a photo or two and browse around other students’ entries, resulting in hours of fun and laughter.

Whatever your requirements, we should be able to cater for you.

If you’d like to know more, please have a look at our prices, view an online demo or contact us for more information.

Fast yearbook production

Fast yearbooks

Our web-based yearbook system makes creating your yearbook super fast

The books take between 10 and 17 working days to deliver

That’s how long it takes to print and deliver the yearbooks. Of course you’ve got to actually create the content for them first too!

Our web-based system makes creating the content for your yearbooks far quicker than traditional methods — we’ve had one school do the whole thing in just one week. Realistically though, you’ll want to leave at least a couple of months and preferably longer so that you can make your books perfect.
Start early, bear in mind exams
If you have exams then try to make sure your yearbook work doesn’t clash with these in any way. Its always best to get started early and plan to finish several weeks before you absolutely need to.

To make our service so super-fast we do have a limited range of templates available. However, we always try to accommodate new ideas and suggestions from our clients.
Save time with our online system
Because most of the legwork is done by the online system, there’s very little human-work needed to be done by either yourself or AllYearbooks. So just because you’re editor of your yearbook, doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on it rather than revising for important exams. Also, it means we can keep our prices at the lowest possible level.

We make both school and university yearbooks. In fact, we can make yearbooks for any groups of people – sports clubs, weddings, business, colleges, communities… the list is endless.

You can contact us, find out more about our prices or try an online demo.

Frequently asked questions

Yearbook questions? We’ll give you some answers!

If you can’t find your answer below
just contact us to see if we can help.
Below are answers to some commonly-asked questions.

What is the minimum order amount?
15 books with 28 pages (sides of paper) per book. We can also produce shorter runs on request. If you do have a very small group, you can also consider just buying an online or CD based solution from us.

How much does a yearbook cost?
We offer market-leading prices which should suit all budgets. The more copies of a yearbook produced, the cheaper they cost per copy. The more pages, the higher the cost. Have a look at our prices page.

How quickly can a yearbook be produced?
We can go from complete scratch to the delivery of a yearbook in just 4 weeks outside our busy season (April until August). However, we recommend leaving at least six weeks, and there’s no reason why we can’t start work on the yearbook before that. Many people start producing their yearbooks at the beginning of the academic year, with deliveries for last day of term or results day.

How much work does the yearbook committee have to do?
Very little! Traditionally, a yearbook committee would have to collate biographies, answers to questions, photos and other information from everyone in the yearbook, perhaps on little pieces of paper or by email. Then they would spend ages with desktop publishing software laying out the pages. But our online yearbook system makes the editors’ task a doddle. All we need from the editor is a list of email addresses for members and a rough idea of what is required and then our online system handles almost everything else.

What’s this online yearbook system I keep hearing about?
We’ve invested heavily in a web-based sytem to make yearbook production a walk in the park. It reduces the amount of time and effort required for each production to a bare minimum. Members of the yearbook log in and enter their details online. Members and the general public (you can turn this feature off if required) can browse the yearbook online during its production and for years after.

A fun and easy to use web-based yearbook creation system!

A bit like Facebook, everyone logs in to your yearbook, uploads photos and writes about themselves and others. Then it gets made into a real book to cherish for years.

People aren’t going to fill in their yearbook entry if its not fun. When we first started using the web to make yearbooks in 2002, we found that around 50% more people filled in their entries because of it, and they wrote loads more than before too.

When people start using your web-based yearbook it becomes something of a temporary online community – dozens of people logging in at the same time to see what photos have just been uploaded, what people have written in their entries, and uploading their own photos and writing about themselves and others.

For proofing, a PDF copy of your yearbook can be downloaded at any time. If there are any problems with it or if something changes in your yearbook, you can reproduce the PDF with a single click at any time.

Real service with a smile

AllYearbooks started out as a husband and wife team – Jake and Gemma. But with the business growing and the arrival of little baby Benjamin it all became too much… time to grow.

There are more of us now on the AllYearbooks team. Bec and David came in to provide some fantastic customer support. If you’re on the phone to us, odds are they’ll be the ones to answer and talk you through whatever it is you need help with.

Jake and Chris do the complex techie stuff – They are there behind the scenes, making sure everything works and helping to make the site do all the cool things it does, making yearbook creation more fun and interesting.

Tom runs the design side of things, creating stunning yearbook pages and covers based on your ideas. During the busy season he also has a team of happy talented elves to help make your designs. Murmurings of Skyrim, Reddit and all things geeky can often be heard echoing from the design room.

But even if we’ve changed, plenty hasn’t: there’s still no bureaucracy; there’s still honest, personal and friendly people to contact; and there’s still half a dozen ways to get in touch. As well as phone and email, your yearbook site now boasts it’s own chat network. You can communicate with the yearbook committee in your book and get help and tips from us while you work on your yearbook.

You can also see what we have been up to in the office and get useful tips for creating you books by visiting our blog.

We pride ourselves on our response time to emails and queries of any kind. Sometimes we’ll even reply to emails and chat questions out of working hours – often within seconds or minutes.

We don’t assign you a ‘personal yearbook coordinator’ or anything else like that – we’re all involved at every level of your yearbook production. We share one phone line and one email account, so when you contact us you could get a reply from either Jake, David or Bec… whoever is quickest! We all keep on top of whatever’s going on and we’ve got all the information we need for your book available to us, so whoever you speak to will be able to help. We value all your feedback, and are working all the time to develop the yearbook site and our service for the people who use us 🙂

We don’t visit your school or group (unless, perhaps, it’s in Cambridge) as there’s really no need to. Most school visits by yearbook companies are just a sales technique to help the company, not you. We all have webcams and Skype if you really need to see us in real-time.

Please feel free to contact us.

Completely customisable yearbooks

We don’t tie you down to just using our templates – you can use Word, Photoshop, Indesign, OpenOffice etc to create any custom page you like, and add it to your book.


Our web-based yearbook system will automagically create various pages for you, such as member profile pages. However, if you’ve made a custom page yourself then it can be added into the yearbook by simply uploading it and choosing where it should go.

You can also design a front and back cover for your yearbook yourself, or we can help you make it really snazzy.

All that we ask is that pages should be A4 size (not US Letter Size or A5) and portrait aspect ratio (i.e. taller rather than wider).

Press office

Press office

At AllYearbooks we’re taking the yearbook market by storm. This page provides journalists with a quick brief about who we are, ideas for stories about us and high-resolution images. There’s also details of who to contact for interviews or more information.

What we do
We help groups – such as year 11s, year 13s, colleges and university groups – create yearbooks. Our yearbooks tend to be created by a group as they go their separate ways, to capture and remember their time together. Groups create their yearbooks collaboratively online, with each person writing their own bit and uploading their own photos. It’s a bit like using Facebook for them. Once created online, the books are printed hardbacks and distributed amongst the group.

Our news
Our latest news and developments can be found on our blog.

Company history
AllYearbooks was founded by Jake Gordon (currently 30), an experienced web developer. Whilst studying Sociology at the University of Nottingham in 2002, Jake’s hall of residence – Derby Hall – needed a yearbook. Jake made a simple web page to collect entries for the yearbook, but was frustrated by copyright issues working with the current yearbook supplier. He developed the idea further the following two years, arranging the printing and binding himself. His fellow students were so impressed with the concept and product that Jake realised he was on to something big.

In 2006, after a couple of years in which Jake grappled with making the sytem more flexible (whilst also pursuing his interest in peak oil and making ends-meet working for other companies), AllYearbooks took on its first real customers. That summer Jake and Gemma (currently 28) got married, and moved from Bromley to central London shortly after.

Throughout the 2006-2007 academic year AllYearbooks was a home-run husband and wife affair, though the home moved from London to Cambridge in the summer of 2007. Jake and Gemma’s first child, Benjamin, was born in November 2007, and running the business from home as it achieved over 100% year-on-year customer growth whilst also looking after a newborn baby became too much. Nicola, David and Jamey joined the staff in quick succession during the busy months in the spring of 2008, and moving from a now-crowded home to an office came soon after.

Since the summer of 2008 the business has continued to go from strength-to-strength as it grows. Pratik and Tom joined the fold during the 2009 busy season, and the company has big plans for the coming years.

Fast, organic growth
Three customers in 2006 became 60 in 2007, over 150 in 2008 and approaching 250 in 2009. For 2010 the company is on track for 100% year-on-year growth, targetting 500 customers. Jake and Gemma are the only shareholders in the business and the company has grown through reinvested profits. To help with the seasonality of the business the bank of mum and dad has been called on several times.

High resolution images
High and low resolution images for use within an article about us can be downloaded here.

Spelling and pronouncing our name and web address
We like to be referred to in print either as AllYearbooks (capital A and Y, no spaces) or as . Our web address is (without a leading “www.”). When pronounced, our name is ‘all-yearbooks’ not ‘allyear-books’.

Press enquiries
Please direct all press enquiries to Jake on 07791 068 122.

Customer testimonials

There are so many reasons to choose AllYearbooks
Quite simply, we’re probably the best
yearbook company in every way.

Emanuel School said…“WOW! Thank you for such an amazing and easy service… The yearbooks are amazing!”

Hull York Medics said...”Everything was very straight forward and easy to do. The website is very user-friendly.”

Wrenn School said…“THANK YOU SO MUCH… they look fantastic. Really, really pleased with the quality.”

St Michael Grammar said…“Thank you so much… we really couldn’t have done it without you and you’ve been so helpful.”

Customer testimonials
We take pride in customer satisfaction. Perhaps the best way to get an idea of how happy you’ll be with our books is to see how happy others have been (be warned, we’ve got lots of testimonials because we have so many happy customers!)

“I have found the quality of service for Allyearbooks to be absolutely outstanding. We had quite a complicated yearbook in terms of content and style and wanted to create something that was different to anybody else’s. Allyearbooks worked with us to generate a brand new template for our yearbook – well and above the call of duty – and integrated our custom pages beautifully with their pages so nothing looks out of place. There website lives up to expectations and is invaluable in helping to collect entries, votes and photos. The yearbooks themselves were completed and delivered well ahead of schedule and are of an incredibly high standard. They are truely a quality product that will last well into the future and represent superb value for money.At first glance I was unsure whether to go with an online company who would not provide me with a hard proof copy before printing. However, having dealt with them I could not recommend them more and will definitely use them again.” -James Barber, Bourne Grammar School

“AllYearbooks were fantastically helpful. With the added stress of exams i don’t think i could have found an easier or quicker way to create such an outstanding yearbook. The people involved were always helpful, any time of day and it would not have been possible without them!” -Yearbook Committee, Thirsk School

“What a fantastic service AllYearbooks provided! The yearbooks look amazing and everybody has commented on how wonderful they are – including parents! It is a wonderful memory of our time at sixth form and we’ll look back at them for years to come. The yearbooks look very professional and the quality is great, it was alsoincredibly affordable! Gemma and Jake were extremely helpful and always on hand to help out – even at 9pm one evening… when the panic had set in! I really admire their dedication and hard work, we couldn’t have done it without them! Thank you so much – you truly are stars!” -Rebecca, Castle Sixth Form (Kenilworth)

“Everyone loved our yearbooks, even friends from other schools have said its the best they’ve ever seen. Working with Jake and friends has been very easy, they are all very helpful and only a quick email away whenever we needed help. Making the yearbook was still a big task but I would recommend AllYearbooks to anyone making a yearbook as it was simple, efficient and reduced the workload significantly. Everyone has commented on the quality of the publication; it was a great success.” -Head Boy, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys

“Thank you sooooooo much for our beautiful yearbooks. We handed them out today and we have not received a single even slightly negative comment. In fact we have a few spares but more people want the yearbook than there are left so now its a matter of who brings in the money first!! All we can say is if someone’s making a yearbook, they’d be mad not to use AllYearbooks. We can never thank you enough.” -Year 11 Class of 2008 Yearbook Committee, Langley Grammar School

“This site ROCKS! Its GENIUS… its just such a good idea. Why go through the manual process or collage photos when people can in there own time do it online. I was just discussing it with a friend. Its a gifted idea, pure genius. I hope you make MILLIONS from it.” -Pie Sabbagh (student member), Hatch End Sixth Form

“AllYearbooks provided us with top quality yearbooks at a fraction of the cost that other providers had quoted. Due to the low prices I was expecting the online system to be less sophisticated and harder to use than other companies, however, this was simply not true – theonline system worked perfectly and was so easy to use.The staff at AllYearbooks were very helpful and helped talk me through all stages of the yearbook and were happy to answer any questions however trivial they seemed. They also ensured that my yearbooks arrived before they were due after working to a very tight deadline. I cannot recommend AllYearbooks highly enough to anybody who wants to produce a high quality low cost yearbook.” -Becci Rigby, Jesus College, Oxford, 2007

“Just a quick note to say thanks for providing us with such a fast turnaround on our yearbooks (just under two weeks from submission to delivery – truly impressive!!). They looked fantastic and all the parents who bought a copy commented on the high quality and value for money. It was great to see our Year 6 leavers’ faces light-up when they received their copies, I’m sure that they will cherish these for many years to come. Being a small primary school this was a new and unusual venture for us and we inevitably hit a few snags along the way but the end result far outweighed the headaches and sleepless nights. We are hoping to repeat the project in 2008 with plans for an even bigger and better publication. Wewouldn’t hesitate to recommend AllYearbooks to any school or organisation looking for a First Class Service and a First Class Product. Cheers guys… keep up the good work.” -Paul Marzetti (Chairman), Heavers Farm Primary School PTA, 2007

“After being given the daunting task of producing this year’s yearbook, we knew we wanted our yearbooks to be bigger, better and cheaper than the previous years so after researching several other yearbook companies was an absolute find! It had by far the cheapest and best prices around and after being sent a sample yearbook, we were definitely reassured that we could produce high quality yearbooks with AllYearbooks. The unique and flexible online system was easy to use enabling us to access the yearbook anytime over the internet and also allowing us to create our own custom pages in our own design. Gemma and Jake at Allyearbooks were always there to help us every step of the way, with someone always available over the phone and quick responses to our emails. We were very impressed as it took less than two weeks from printing to delivery, compared to other companies that required 10 weeks from printing to delivery! The end result was a high quality professional yearbook and the collage pages created by Gemma look absolutely stunning! Students and teachers alike were commenting on how brilliant it looks and have agreed it is thebest one yet. Working with Allyearbooks definitely made the whole experience less daunting and I would definitely recommend using AllYearbooks to the new yearbook committee and others wanting to produce their own!” -Chee Ling Liu (Head girl), St. Angela’s and St. Bonaventure’s VI form centre 2007

“AllYearbooks proved to be an excellent choice when we decided, as parents, to surprise our primary school children with a memory book spanning from Nursery to Year 6. We found the website extremely easy to follow and the online help was immediate and very thorough which helped enormously with those of us who are not that computer literate. The children were completely delighted with their books as were the parents. We look forward to their Senior School Yearbook.” -J Davison, Lingfield Notre Dame School, 2007

“Thank you so much, the yearbooks look amazing, exceeding my expectations by a long way!. They are professional and I can’t fault them nor AllYearbooks. The online system was very easy to useand all of the help you gave me meant it was stress free and yet the final yearbooks are exactly how we wanted them. The system whereby each person logs on to fill in their own profile meant that collating everyone’s personal information was left down to them, therefore the yearbooks were accurate and I had nothing to worry about! Another thing I must commend you on, is the helpfulness of Gemma and Jake at AllYearbooks, who without fail, kept me up to date with all the goings-on and created the collages and transformed my ideas into a lovely memory of school life which we will keep forever. Thank you very much again!” -Student, Stratford upon Avon Grammar School for Girls, 2007

“Just want to say thanks for the great Yearbooks. When I agreed to create a Yearbook I was worried it would take too much time out of my final year but you helped me so much that it didn’t take too much time at all. I chose Allyearbooks as you were the best value for money and I could create the whole thing on the internet. You also had a shortest delivery time which was an added bonus.I absolutely love the Yearbooks and I have received nothing but positive comments from my friends and lecturers at Newcastle Uni. I have given a yearbook to next years president and recommended Allyearbooks so you should hear from him sometime after Christmas. Once again thanks for all your help and support in making the yearbook. Thanks!!!” -Cat (Student), Newcastle Modern Languages Society, 2007

“I found the service to be excellent. We were kept up to date with all the information we needed and contact was incredibly easy. Jake, particularly was always available to speak to, and he made it easy for my students to work on the project with him – making important changes when required.A massive thank you to AllYearbooks, they look fantastic and we have had many students request one, having seen the others with them!!” -Kevin Morton (teacher), The Hayesbrook School, 2007

“We found incredibly helpful and flexible to our needs. The website was so easy to use, even the biggest technophobe could manage it! They were always on the end of the phone whenever we wanted to change something and replied to our emails instantly. As for the finished book, we, the committee are all so proud of it and our whole year group was blown away by how professional it looks and the quality product they received for such a bargain price.” –Dr Louise Waring, Class of 2007 Warwick medical school

“[The yearbooks] are fantastic… everyone loves them! It’s such a great idea because at our school there is no 6th form so everyone is going separate ways and things. After all the stress I’m so glad we decided to do them. I was a little worried that prehaps it had made me have a little less time to revise as others but it didn’t show in my results at all!” -Grace Meehan, Marden High School

The best value yearbooks I found anywhere online. The service is second to none and the fact that each person fills in their own profile took so much of the pressure off the committee. The final product was brilliant and everyone was very pleased.” -Suzanne Phelan, Robert Gordon University Physios

“I was delighted from start to finish with AllYearbooks and just wish that we had chosen them to produce our books earlier. We were clear about what needed to be done and at every step of the wayAllYearbooks bent over backwards to accommodate us. We were always going to be pushing deadlines and what could have been a disastrous last minute day’s delay was cut down to just two hours by some amicable and stress-free negotiation. I would thoroughly recommend AllYearbooks and will be using them myself again next year. As for the books themselves – the pupils were really impressed, so I am delighted.” -Neil Warnick (Head of Sixth Form), The Kings School Canterbury

“When I and other members of the leadership team decided to produce a yearbook we really had no idea about what to do. We searched the internet knowing that producing a yearbook online would be a lot easier. We went through many companies and finally decided AllYearbooks was the best.They really had the cheapest prices and the most efficient system. We started producing the yearbook quite late and really didn’t think we could get it done for our leavers celebration but with the help of Jake and Gemma it was possible. They answered all our questions within minutes and helped to make beautiful collages. We sent of the yearbook with 2 and a half weeks to spare, we were skeptical as to whether or not they would arrive on time but thankfully they arrived in record time. The yearbooks were absolutely amazing and everyone loved them. We couldn’t have done it without AllYearbooks. Thank You.” -Alexis Okonta (Head Girl), Notre Dame School

“Our school has never had a proper yearbook before and being a small school, got prices were hard to come by. AllYearbooks gave usthe best deal around. It was a big project to do and we didn’t have any experience with yearbook companies or even with making a yearbook, AllYearbooks gave us advice right from the beginning and made it all incredibly easy with swift replies to all our emails. Theyearbook looked fantastic and was very professional. Thanks for making our first ever yearbook so easy!” –Celia Hawthorn, Moffat Academy

“From the beginning of the year we had problems after problems creating our yearbook [before using AllYearbooks] however a week before we left school we managed to complete it and send it away. We knew it wouldn’t be ready in time but we were prepared to have every one come in after they had left. Everything was going fine until we received an email saying there was something wrong with our yearbook. It was beginning to look like we wouldn’t be able to have a yearbook but AllYearbooks was there to help every step of the way. They helped us fix our yearbook and it was the best yearbook our school has had. Without AllYearbooks it would not have been possible to create our yearbook. I’d recommend them to anyone.” –Julie Hynd, Lochgelly High School Yearbook Committee

“It was the end of term and we still hadn’t made our yearbook, we searched around for ages trying to find the right company, the right people to make our yearbook, then we landed on, with there unique system we managed to make our yearbook and have them printed and ready in time. Not only is this system unique but it is very simple to use as well as that the people are always ready to help, always willing to give advise or lend a hand.” -Jeremy Fofie, Bromfords School

“Where do I start?! I’d contacted several other companies before I came across AllYearbooks, and I assumed that their lower prices would mean a lower standard of product and service, but thankfully I was seriously mistaken! After getting in touch with them theresponses I received were always quick and helpful, while the online system for filling in profile information and uploading photos is a brilliant idea, and certainly shrank my workload, as well as being convenient for all the students involved. The collages and unique page designs AllYearbooks created were also fantastic, and the leather effect cover was a very professional looking final touch. Our yearbooks arrived quickly, and received a great response from students and teachers alike, with several staff members suddenly changing their minds and deciding they wanted to buy a copy after all! Overall, AllYearbooks were extremely patient and helpful throughout the entire process, and I would certainlyrecommend them to anybody looking at creating a yearbook – I couldn’t be happier with how our yearbooks turned out! Thank you again, AllYearbooks!” -Martin Samson, The King’s School, Grantham

“We are extremely happy with the yearbooks and I have had a number of very positive comments from the boys and other members of staff, especially our Senior Management Team. I was impressed by the speed of the printing and delivery and how you met our tight deadline. I really appreciated your helpful attitudeand how efficiently everything was sorted out. It was certainly much easier for me this year than when I arranged the yearbooks last year and I would definitely recommend you to people.” -Zoe Connolly (Deputy Head of Sixth Form), City of London School


“We were looking for a printer which had high flexibility in page design, would print hard back yearbooks and of course was the cheapest, Allyearbooks turned out to be the best deal I could find, as it was much better in price than any of the other years before us had paid. (We paid the same for full colour hardbacks as the year before us had paid for a paperback with half as many pages.) Allyearbooks were helpful, delivered on time (which was a first for our school) and had the better print quality than any of the other years before us. Our year was very pleased with our yearbook and our 6th year director (year 13 in England) is going to try to convince next year to use Allyearbooks as he was very pleased with the result.” -Kenneth Ward (6th year Yearbook chairperson), Berwickshire High School


“When I was first given the task of setting up a yearbook for my school I was looking at prices around £30 per book. I then came across AllYearbooks who were doing full colour books for a fraction of the price. I decided to query this and find out more information, so I sent them an email thinking it would be a few days before getting a reply. In fact within a few minutes I had a reply. If I ever had any queries or questions I would get a reply from AllYearbooks within a 5 hour period of contacting them. Sections of the AllYearbooks online system were adapted for our needs, which was fantastic. The members section was especially helpful as from this section usernames and passwords were easily allocated to each pupil. This gave them their own little area which they could log into and answer the questions or upload an image. If every entry was to be handwritten and then typed up by myself I am sure it would have taken double the time to produce the yearbook. AllYearbooks were able to produce some fantastic collages for our yearbook; in fact they were so good they went before the student entries. It was a pleasure working with AllYearbooks and I have already recommended them to other years in the school.” -Ryan Kennedy (Year 11 Pupil), Forest School, Berkshire

“AllYearbooks were not only excellent value for money, but from start to finish, the Allyearbooks staff helped our committee with every aspect of compiling a yearbook. They virtually did all the work, and the results spoke for themselves…the book was beyond our expectations, and we will definitely recommend Allyearbooks to future yearbook committees at our university. They also created new areas on their website on request to help us realise our vision for our yearbook. All round they are the best company we have come across! THANK YOU ALLYEARBOOKS!” -Tina Ramnani, Nottingham University Medics Yearbook, 2007


Finding a suitable company to produce a yearbook for 140 demanding Cambridge University undergraduates is never an easy task. The tight-fisted and fastidious yearbook committee of Fitzwilliam college had three core requirements: the yearbook had to be cost-effective, it had be produced via an online system (we simply didn’t have the time to produce the yearbook by traditional methods), and it had to have a relatively fast turnaround. Having looked at many of the established names (Meno Yearbooks, BookBuilder, Waveney, My Year Book, Alumni, The School Planner), AllYearBooks was by far the most suitable. AllYearbooks had the lowest price on the market for what we required and the lowest price by quite some distance for a company which used an online system; the company designed page templates to our exact specification, correspondence between us and the company was exceptional – we had to wait hours rather than days for replies; the flexibility of doing as much or as little of the design work as we wanted; and the option of having an electronic copy of the yearbook and being able to print elsewhere. It was a pleasure to work with AllYearbooks and I will strongly recommend them to this year’s yearbook committee.” -Alex Capewell, Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge

If anyone is thinking of getting a yearbook at any time use Our printers went into liquidation two weeks before our print date and we had only had a week to create a new yearbook. Jake from was brilliant. There is no praise I could give that would reflect how much gratitude I have for him. Our yearbook is really small (there’s only about 60 of us) but the price is still really reasonable (£16.50p) and our yearbook will be with us in four weeks even though I only completed it yesterday. All the other companies I spoke to were giving me quotes for £40 and it wouldn’t be finished until August 26th even if I sent it off today.” -Bel Green, Head Girl, Beaminister & Colfox Sixth Form

Jobs at AllYearbooks

Want to be part of a small, friendly team located in the centre of Cambridge (UK)? We employ exceptional people to help us create the very best yearbook product and service for our customers. We lead the market with our technical innovations and dedication to a high standard of quality.

We’re located on Mill Road in central Cambridge, a ten minute walk from the station and 15 minutes from the town centre.

How to apply

To apply for any vacancy, go to and follow the instructions.