University and college yearbooks

University life can be one big party – but don’t let the memory fade! By creating a yearbook for your hall of residence, department, sports club, group of friends or entire university you’ll find a way to remember the glory days for years to come.

Universities vary in size and structure, but usually you’ll find people are grouped in various ways, and you can create a yearbook for any group, whether it has 40 people in it or 4,000 people! Examples of such groups are: halls of residence, sports clubs, social clubs, close-knit groups of friends, course groups (we do lots of medics yearbooks), yeargroups and the entire university. There’s nothing to stop any group forming and proclaiming “We will be remembered!”… and having a yearbook made to keep those memories.

Thanks to our unique online yearbook system, producing a yearbook is communal fun rather than a major chore for one or two individuals. Students can fill out a profile online, upload a photo or two and browse around other students’ entries, resulting in hours of fun and laughter.

Whatever your requirements, we should be able to cater for you.

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