Our yearbook information pack

Answering questions and demonstrating the quality of our yearbooks!

We can pop one in the post to you today
If you’d like a copy of our pack drop us an email along with your name and full postal address and we’ll send one out to you.We can’t send them to addresses outside the UK (this helps us keep our costs down) but you can download the pdf version using the link below.The packs are printed in exactly the same way as our yearbooks, and are finished to the premium laminated hardback specification.

They are full of lovely, high-quality close-ups of the different yearbook options (standard vs premium) and we’ve included samples of our favourite collages, covers and other artwork to inspire you and your team.

Hard copy packs also include a poster you can put up at school to help advertise the yearbook.  If you’d like an electronic version of the poster so you can print out more let us know and we’ll send one over!

Download an information pack now

It really, really is not the same as having a physical copy of our information pack in your hands, but if you just can’t wait click the link below to have a read now:

Download yearbook information pack (8MB)

More questions?

Find some answers now, but don’t let it stop you from ordering your information pack!