Fast yearbook production

Fast yearbooks

Our web-based yearbook system makes creating your yearbook super fast

The books take between 10 and 17 working days to deliver

That’s how long it takes to print and deliver the yearbooks. Of course you’ve got to actually create the content for them first too!

Our web-based system makes creating the content for your yearbooks far quicker than traditional methods — we’ve had one school do the whole thing in just one week. Realistically though, you’ll want to leave at least a couple of months and preferably longer so that you can make your books perfect.
Start early, bear in mind exams
If you have exams then try to make sure your yearbook work doesn’t clash with these in any way. Its always best to get started early and plan to finish several weeks before you absolutely need to.

To make our service so super-fast we do have a limited range of templates available. However, we always try to accommodate new ideas and suggestions from our clients.
Save time with our online system
Because most of the legwork is done by the online system, there’s very little human-work needed to be done by either yourself or AllYearbooks. So just because you’re editor of your yearbook, doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on it rather than revising for important exams. Also, it means we can keep our prices at the lowest possible level.

We make both school and university yearbooks. In fact, we can make yearbooks for any groups of people – sports clubs, weddings, business, colleges, communities… the list is endless.

You can contact us, find out more about our prices or try an online demo.