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What is the minimum order amount?
15 books with 28 pages (sides of paper) per book. We can also produce shorter runs on request. If you do have a very small group, you can also consider just buying an online or CD based solution from us.

How much does a yearbook cost?
We offer market-leading prices which should suit all budgets. The more copies of a yearbook produced, the cheaper they cost per copy. The more pages, the higher the cost. Have a look at our prices page.

How quickly can a yearbook be produced?
We can go from complete scratch to the delivery of a yearbook in just 4 weeks outside our busy season (April until August). However, we recommend leaving at least six weeks, and there’s no reason why we can’t start work on the yearbook before that. Many people start producing their yearbooks at the beginning of the academic year, with deliveries for last day of term or results day.

How much work does the yearbook committee have to do?
Very little! Traditionally, a yearbook committee would have to collate biographies, answers to questions, photos and other information from everyone in the yearbook, perhaps on little pieces of paper or by email. Then they would spend ages with desktop publishing software laying out the pages. But our online yearbook system makes the editors’ task a doddle. All we need from the editor is a list of email addresses for members and a rough idea of what is required and then our online system handles almost everything else.

What’s this online yearbook system I keep hearing about?
We’ve invested heavily in a web-based sytem to make yearbook production a walk in the park. It reduces the amount of time and effort required for each production to a bare minimum. Members of the yearbook log in and enter their details online. Members and the general public (you can turn this feature off if required) can browse the yearbook online during its production and for years after.