A fun and easy to use web-based yearbook creation system!

A bit like Facebook, everyone logs in to your yearbook, uploads photos and writes about themselves and others. Then it gets made into a real book to cherish for years.

People aren’t going to fill in their yearbook entry if its not fun. When we first started using the web to make yearbooks in 2002, we found that around 50% more people filled in their entries because of it, and they wrote loads more than before too.

When people start using your web-based yearbook it becomes something of a temporary online community – dozens of people logging in at the same time to see what photos have just been uploaded, what people have written in their entries, and uploading their own photos and writing about themselves and others.

For proofing, a PDF copy of your yearbook can be downloaded at any time. If there are any problems with it or if something changes in your yearbook, you can reproduce the PDF with a single click at any time.