Real service with a smile

AllYearbooks started out as a husband and wife team – Jake and Gemma. But with the business growing and the arrival of little baby Benjamin it all became too much… time to grow.

There are more of us now on the AllYearbooks team. Bec and David came in to provide some fantastic customer support. If you’re on the phone to us, odds are they’ll be the ones to answer and talk you through whatever it is you need help with.

Jake and Chris do the complex techie stuff – They are there behind the scenes, making sure everything works and helping to make the site do all the cool things it does, making yearbook creation more fun and interesting.

Tom runs the design side of things, creating stunning yearbook pages and covers based on your ideas. During the busy season he also has a team of happy talented elves to help make your designs. Murmurings of Skyrim, Reddit and all things geeky can often be heard echoing from the design room.

But even if we’ve changed, plenty hasn’t: there’s still no bureaucracy; there’s still honest, personal and friendly people to contact; and there’s still half a dozen ways to get in touch. As well as phone and email, your yearbook site now boasts it’s own chat network. You can communicate with the yearbook committee in your book and get help and tips from us while you work on your yearbook.

You can also see what we have been up to in the office and get useful tips for creating you books by visiting our blog.

We pride ourselves on our response time to emails and queries of any kind. Sometimes we’ll even reply to emails and chat questions out of working hours – often within seconds or minutes.

We don’t assign you a ‘personal yearbook coordinator’ or anything else like that – we’re all involved at every level of your yearbook production. We share one phone line and one email account, so when you contact us you could get a reply from either Jake, David or Bec… whoever is quickest! We all keep on top of whatever’s going on and we’ve got all the information we need for your book available to us, so whoever you speak to will be able to help. We value all your feedback, and are working all the time to develop the yearbook site and our service for the people who use us 🙂

We don’t visit your school or group (unless, perhaps, it’s in Cambridge) as there’s really no need to. Most school visits by yearbook companies are just a sales technique to help the company, not you. We all have webcams and Skype if you really need to see us in real-time.

Please feel free to contact us.