Press office

Press office

At AllYearbooks we’re taking the yearbook market by storm. This page provides journalists with a quick brief about who we are, ideas for stories about us and high-resolution images. There’s also details of who to contact for interviews or more information.

What we do
We help groups – such as year 11s, year 13s, colleges and university groups – create yearbooks. Our yearbooks tend to be created by a group as they go their separate ways, to capture and remember their time together. Groups create their yearbooks collaboratively online, with each person writing their own bit and uploading their own photos. It’s a bit like using Facebook for them. Once created online, the books are printed hardbacks and distributed amongst the group.

Our news
Our latest news and developments can be found on our blog.

Company history
AllYearbooks was founded by Jake Gordon (currently 30), an experienced web developer. Whilst studying Sociology at the University of Nottingham in 2002, Jake’s hall of residence – Derby Hall – needed a yearbook. Jake made a simple web page to collect entries for the yearbook, but was frustrated by copyright issues working with the current yearbook supplier. He developed the idea further the following two years, arranging the printing and binding himself. His fellow students were so impressed with the concept and product that Jake realised he was on to something big.

In 2006, after a couple of years in which Jake grappled with making the sytem more flexible (whilst also pursuing his interest in peak oil and making ends-meet working for other companies), AllYearbooks took on its first real customers. That summer Jake and Gemma (currently 28) got married, and moved from Bromley to central London shortly after.

Throughout the 2006-2007 academic year AllYearbooks was a home-run husband and wife affair, though the home moved from London to Cambridge in the summer of 2007. Jake and Gemma’s first child, Benjamin, was born in November 2007, and running the business from home as it achieved over 100% year-on-year customer growth whilst also looking after a newborn baby became too much. Nicola, David and Jamey joined the staff in quick succession during the busy months in the spring of 2008, and moving from a now-crowded home to an office came soon after.

Since the summer of 2008 the business has continued to go from strength-to-strength as it grows. Pratik and Tom joined the fold during the 2009 busy season, and the company has big plans for the coming years.

Fast, organic growth
Three customers in 2006 became 60 in 2007, over 150 in 2008 and approaching 250 in 2009. For 2010 the company is on track for 100% year-on-year growth, targetting 500 customers. Jake and Gemma are the only shareholders in the business and the company has grown through reinvested profits. To help with the seasonality of the business the bank of mum and dad has been called on several times.

High resolution images
High and low resolution images for use within an article about us can be downloaded here.

Spelling and pronouncing our name and web address
We like to be referred to in print either as AllYearbooks (capital A and Y, no spaces) or as . Our web address is (without a leading “www.”). When pronounced, our name is ‘all-yearbooks’ not ‘allyear-books’.

Press enquiries
Please direct all press enquiries to Jake on 07791 068 122.