Adding backgrounds to your custom pages

You can add backgrounds to your custom pages to make them a bit more interesting, exactly how you do this depends of the software package you use, and you can find instructions in the software help, or by using google.  I’ve put instructions below for MS Word 2007 as this is one of the more common programs people use.

If you want to add a plain background to your page click onto the ‘Page Layout’ menu and click ‘page colour’ in the ‘page background’ section.  You can choose from a lot of different colours/textures for your background from here.

If you want to use an image as the background, you need to add it as a watermark, not as a background.  To do this, click ‘Watermark’ (next to ‘page colour’ in the image above), then ‘custom watermark’, then tick the ‘picture watermark’ button as shown below.

Once you’ve browsed your computer and found the image you want using the ‘Select picture’ button you need to make sure ‘Washout’ is unticked.  Click ‘Apply’ to see your changes, and make sure the scale of the image is ok – ie that it covers all of the page!  Once you’re happy with it, you can click ok and then close.

Your background image might still look a bit desaturated (washed out) but it isn’t – the system fades it a bit so you can see clearly whilst you’re working, check the print preview for a more accurate view of your page 🙂

When you’ve finished, output your page to pdf (try the link below) and then you can upload it to the site!