Page size / page margins

Our yearbooks are now B5 size. The internal pages are slightly smaller (think about it – the paper doesn’t go up to the edge of the cover!). This was the same with our A4 yearbooks – the internal pages were slightly smaller.

If you create a page that’s exactly B5 size you’ll have no problems – there will be a few fit options online and we can easily tweak how the page fits. You don’t need to worry about creating a page exactly the right size – B5 is perfect.

If you create your pages exactly A4 size you needn’t worry either – if you upload A4 pages to the site, they will be scaled down, so just make sure that font sizes are big enough. B5 is 30% smaller so:
– 16pt at A4 = 11.2pt at B5
– 14pt = 10.2pt at B5
– 12pt = 8.4pt at B5
– 10pt = 7pt at B5

Technical B5 page dimensions are below, but first …


Margins, Trimbox and Bleed:

Our yearbook pages, as with all professional publishing, are printed on larger sheets and trimmed to size.  Trimming isn’t completely precise, so the background of a page should extend beyond the edges of the trim. Otherwise you can get a thin edge of white, unprinted paper.

Where the page is intended to the trimmed is called the trimbox. As explained above, this is a touch smaller than actual B5. The background that extends outside the trimbox is called bleed.

Our templates and designed pages all have a bleed – when you’re designing your own pages you should plan for this as well.  The way to ensure your background can “bleed” off the page, is to leave a good margin around the edges of your page without faces, important images or text.

As a rue of thumb, we recommend margins of 1-1.5cm all sides of each page (including where pages meet in a double page spread).  The background should fill these margins, but important page content should keep out!

Make your pages B5, at 300 dpi, with a comfortable margin and the background filling the page, and they will be perfect!


B5 Dimensions

Here are all the exact dimensions we use for internal pages, including bleed, for those clever bods who like to design on the edge!  They’re noted in points, mm and pixels (for 300dpi).

Trimbox: 482 x 695pt (vs 499 x 709pt actual B5)

Bleedbox: 499 x 712pt

Trimbox: 170 x 245mm (vs 176 x 250mm B5)
Bleedbox: 176 x 251mm

Pixels at 300dpi:
Trimbox: 2008 x 2896px (vs 2079 x 2953px B5)
Bleedbox: 2079 x 2967px