Cover Design

So you are ready to design your cover?

The first thing to do is think about the style of cover you are after? Do you want it to be fun? Formal? Arty? The choice is yours, and you can discuss all of your ideas with our design team, who can help you create your cover.

Tell us your ideas: by email, or by using the “Cover & Endpapers” button on the “Design & Manage Yearbook” tab.

Please ensure that all images you upload for your cover are of high quality. This includes crests and logos. You will also need to let us know the precise text you would like on your cover.

Here are some examples of covers we have made in the past:

Yearbook covers

And some more:

support cover

And some ideas for the back cover:

– a photo of the school
– a photo of the whole year group
– a collage of everyone’s profile photos
– a collage of general photos
– a poem
– ’14’ with list of student names inside
– list/word cloud of student names
– swirly patterns etc
– big school logo shown in stylish way
– custom artwork a student has made
– some credits ‘With thanks to…’

support cover back