How do I pay?

You can set up your yearbook online, invite your members in, get them filling out your profiles and even uploading photos for your collages for free!

Our three part payment process:

  • Once you’ve decided to go ahead with AllYearbooks (and before we start any design work for your book) we would ask that you send in your non-refundable £100 deposit. This is included in your total order cost, not a sneaky extra :p
  • Before we send your yearbooks to print we ask for a second payment, which combined with your deposit, covers 80% of your total order cost.  Please pay this promptly to avoid delays to your delivery.
  • The remaining 20% is due within 10 working days of your delivery.

Please make sure we have up to date contact details for whoever will be in charge of your finances.  Bear in mind payments can take a few days to reach us so we’d suggest processing them a little early to avoid any delays!

If you need an invoice, contact

Payment methods:

You can pay either by cheque:

Made payable to AllYearbooks, and sent to AllYearbooks, 86 St Barnabas Road, Cambridge CB1 2BY

or by bank transfer.  Please contact us for our bank details! Quote your yearbook number on all payments so we can attribute it to the right book!  If you’re not sure what this is please get in touch.

You can also pay securely by credit or debit card, either from within your online yearbook if you have an editor account or by going to and entering your customer number (found on our invoice) when prompted.

International payments may be subject to bank charges at either end, please check before you process it to avoid a surprise!  Ask your bank to make the conversion to £ sterling before they transfer the money too.