Professional, high-quality yearbooks

We take pride in producing truly high-quality yearbooks. Our yearbooks are printed on an industry-standard digital printing press, and finished to an exceptionally high standard.

Some schools choose to have their yearbooks printed on their own printers and photocopiers, resulting in poor quality black and white pages. Their books are then bound with cheap glue or with plastic spirals. Not only is the end result unimpressive, but when the cost to the school of buying the ink, paper etc is taken into account, its not actually that much cheaper – if at all – either.

Local printers are also not the best option, as binding the yearbooks – particularly hardbacks – is offered by only a small selection of providers.
Vivid full-colour pages – not boring black and white
All pages in our yearbooks are full-colour, and we no longer offer a blank and white option. With colour printing prices falling, there’s little reason to go for a black and white yearbook.

Guaranteed quality
If there is a problem with any of the yearbooks we deliver to you, we’ll replace it free of charge as quickly as possible.