Primary school yearbooks

Primary school yearbooks

Yearbooks for primary schools are a relatively new idea but growing in popularity. They’re a great way to remember the formative years – for the children, the parents and the teachers.

Primary school yearbooks are a fairly new idea but they can work brilliantly, bringing lots of joy to teachers, parents… and of course the pupils!

These books are almost always organized by a member of the PTA (a parent or a teacher) and sometimes involve some sort of fund-raising to help keep the price of the books down.

You can either set it up so that every pupil (and teachers and parents too, if you want) can log in to the website and add their own photos and text, or have everything channeled through an adult.

Sometimes primary school yearbooks are for the whole school, but it’s more common to have them for just the leaving year instead, perhaps with a few pages for lower years.

Do try to engage the children as much as possible with designing pages (including the cover), taking photos and writing about each other.

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