Customising your pages

Now that you’ve added a spread, you can customise it by:

Choosing your colour palette: Each spread can use a colour palette comprised of 5 colours. Use the palettes available, or create your own – perhaps with your school colours! Choose a different palette for different spreads to add distinction, or use the same palette across all spreads to create continuity.

Choosing your font selection: Similar to the colour palette, each spread can contain 5 fonts. Use our combinations, or choose from over 600 fonts! Consider that different fonts occupy varying space on the page.

Choosing a background: Adding a texture or colour to your page background can really make it special. Choose from our designs, or ask us to create a custom background for you. Perhaps your logo faded, or the school grounds…it’s up to you 🙂

palette   fonts   background

Once you are happy with your design choices, you may wish to apply them to other spreads in your yearbook. The video below explains how to duplicate an existing design onto other pages:

Click Me!

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