Custom pages

What is a custom page?

Custom pages are ones that you make yourselves and upload to the book once complete.  This is a great way of personalising your book – and putting the more artistic amongst you to work!

You can create pages in whichever software you prefer, do bear in mind that your pages should be B5 in size (or, if you make them A4, make your text around a third larger, as we will downsize your pages to fit the book) and that you need to leave some space between the edge and any important content such as faces/text (around 1-1.5 cms should be fine).

If you’d like exact dimensions for the pages, a single side should be 176x251mm (2079×2967 pixels at 300 dpi).

You can upload pages to the site as jpeg, png or pdf files – most desktop publishing/art software will be able to output to one of these formats, but do contact us if you’re struggling.

Creating placeholder sections

You need to do this before you are able to upload a complete page.  Go to the ‘Custom pages’ tab in your yearbook and click ‘Add custom pages’ (red arrow).  You can then title your section, and choose whether it will be a single or double page section (blue arrow). 

It’s a good idea to set up placeholders for all of your sections at the start of the yearbook process – this allows you  to put your layout together right from the outset, and as you complete the pages you just need to upload the ‘on top of’ the placeholders.

There are two options for your section, single page or double page.  Keeping sections as small blocks gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of adding headers. footers and backgrounds, and it also saves you a lot of time if you need to edit a page further down the line, as you only have to reupload a small section, not a huge document!

Uploading pages

So you have your list of custom sections, each of which has a blank placeholder in your ‘Book’ tab.  You now want to upload the pages you have made on top of these.  Click the section you want to work on and then click ‘Upload’.  Find the file from your computer using the ‘Browse’ button, and then click the blue ‘Upload’ button at the bottom.  For double page sections, you can either upload two separate pages, one as the left hand and one as the right hand side (they don’t have to be the same file type) or one 2-page document.

If you upload a pdf that is more than two pages long, it will be split up into multiple single page sections.  This allows you to move them around the book easier and as I mentioned above, if you spot a typo on page 43 of a 50 page document it means you can just correct and upload one page, not the whole lot!