Adding profile questions, groups, labels and awards

So! Time to get started 🙂

Whether you are inviting your yeargroup to log in and add content, or if you are adding everything on their behalf, it’s a good idea to set a few things up first. Once you have added these, you will be ready to create profile pages.

  • Adding profile questions: Think about how to best represent the fun your yeargroup has had. Ask many individual individual questions (e.g. In Year 7 I was…) or a general question (About me, or Message to the year).
  • Adding profile groups: Add individual form/house groups or one group for the entire year. Add separate profile groups for teachers/staff members.
  • Adding photo labels: Organise your photos with labels. Members can apply the labels to photos they upload, and editors can use labels to filter search results when adding photos to pages.
  • Adding awards: Add award categories and choose from having all members as nominees, or adding a custom list. Members can vote online.

You can add/edit all of the above information from the “Design & manage yearbook” tab.