Why choose AllYearbooks?

So many reasons to choose AllYearbooks

Quite simply, we’re probably the best yearbook company in every way.

1. Market leading low pricesWhen Jake first started creating yearbooks other companies were charging ridiculously high prices for them. By building a website that did the bulk of the workload for him, Jake was able to take less time per book and hence charge less to you. And as the website develops, we’re able to pass on more and more cost/time savings all the time.
 2. Professional, high-quality books
We cut costs by having a great web-based system, not by providing poor quality books. We’ve spent a lot of time choosing just the right paper and binding options to suit most budgets without sacrificing quality. If you find a company offering cheaper books than us then be aware that they may well have compromised on quality.
3. Fast printing and delivery
You’ll find yearbook companies quoting several months for delivery of their books. This is often because they produce the books in old-fashioned and time-consuming ways. Our books take between 10-17 working days to print and deliver depending on which book style you go for so you can get your hands on the finished product in super-fast time!
4. Advanced online system
This is key to almost all other reasons to go with us. Jake has spent absolutely ages developing a web-based system that enables both you and AllYearbooks to do nearly everything online. It’s revolutionized the way yearbooks can be created, bringing many, many benefits with it. Only a few such systems exist and Jake prides himself on having created one of the best and most appropriate systems for making yearbooks. Our system works very differently to the few created by other yearbook companies so don’t be fooled by poor imitations.
5. Collaborative creation process
Everyone does their bit for the yearbook… online. No fussing around with bits of paper, scanning photos, copying and pasting chunks of text. The yearbook is for the whole year and the whole year can get involved. This is a top reason as to why our system is better than those offered by many of our competitors.

If your whole group makes full use of our online system then all the hard and timeconsuming parts of making your yearbook are a breeze. Rather than a small handful of editors doing absolutely everything, the ‘work’ (which it no longer feels like as it’s so easy) is done in little bits by everyone.

7. Fun and easy to use
Not only is your yearbook a fun keepsake for years to come, but the actual creation process is fun as well – for everyone, not just the editors. It’s also very easy to use and a bit like Facebook, Bebo or MySpace in many ways.

8. Customizable yearboooks
We’re not here to put our own designers’ stamp on your yearbook. Simple, stylish profile pages mean it’s your words and your photos that stand out. Why pick your yearbook’s theme from just a handful when you want something a bit different? You can always design and make your own custom page using common programs such as Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Photoshop or OpenOffice… it’s up to you.

9. Wide choice of styles and options
Some of our competitors offer one type of book only – for example leather-effect hardback, the most expensive option. We offer a full range of binding styles suited to all budgets.

10. Service with a smile
With us, you won’t be working with one adviser who might not be in the office when you call – you’ll be working with all of us. We’re a small team and whoever picks up the phone or checks the email first will be able to help you. We all try to know about you and your books as best we can. We often manage to reply to your emails within minutes or even seconds and really do take a lot of pride and satisfaction in the work we’re doing for you.

You can find out more about our school and university services, learn about our prices, try an online demo or contact us.