Low workload yearbook production

Spread the workload for your yearbook by producing it online with us. Everyone logs in and does their own bit, saving teachers and editors hours and hours of work and hassle .

Our new system is far more interactive than last years meaning editors and members alike can see the book change as everyone uploads text/images – no more waiting for the preview to update!

In the past and with most of our competitors, the editors of a yearbook (and often the teachers too) have an awful lot of work to do. With us, their work is cut to an absolute minimum as our web-based yearbook system encourages everyone to log in and do their bit.

Even the proofreading can be done online – we will ask you to nominate a teacher to log in and help with this, it’s easier (and less stressful for them!) if you can choose a teacher early, so they can be involved with the project throughout.  It’ll help save you a last minute panic if the school asks for changes too!

No more collecting in photos and bits of paper, copying and pasting lots of text, taking photos, scanning documents and much more. Instead, just create your yearbook online and set it up in minutes, then distribute an access password/code to everyone in the year and once they’ve logged in, they upload all their text, photos and other stuff straight to the website.