Converting files to PDF format

Apple Mac OS X

Apple Mac OS X users can use an in-built PDF converting utility.

You can convert nearly any kind of document into a PDF file. To do so:

  1. Open the document in a Mac OS X application that can read its format, and from the File menu, select Print…
  2. In the print window, click PDF, and then Save as PDF…
  3. Choose a destination, and save the document as a PDF file onto your hard drive.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows users can ‘Print’ files to PDF using the free primoPDF software. Follow the guide to ensure these files are ready to upload to your yearbook.

  1. Download PrimoPDF and install it.
  2. Open your document as usual and print, choosing PrimoPDF as the printer and click ‘OK’
  3. Choose ‘Prepress’ (no need to change any other options)
  4. Click ‘create PDF’

Once converted to PDF, first check the file looks as intended before uploading it into your online yearbook.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you do choose ‘Prepress’ as above as otherwise the quality of your output PDF may not be high enough for printing. We also recommend opening the PDF and zooming in to around 300% as this gives an idea of the quality when printed.

Alternatively (Microsoft Office 2007 only), you may download the ‘Save as PDF’ plugin here: When using the ‘Save as PDF’ dialog, click the ‘Options’ button and check the ‘ISO 19005-1 compliant’ box. This will embed any custom fonts you’ve used in the file – exactly what our site needs.

Background transparency from Photoshop
Are you exporting artwork as PDF from Photoshop and finding that you can’t change the background using our website? That’s probably because Photoshop has saved the PDF with a white rather than transparent background (often due to saving it with a ‘PDF/X-xxx’ setting). Here’s how to fix it…

  • hide any background layer you currently have in case it’s not already hidden
  • File -> save as
  • choose a name and tick ‘as a copy’
  • don’t worry too much about the other options
  • click ‘save’
  • on ‘save adobe PDF’ options page…
  • choose ‘adobe PDF preset’ of ‘[High Quality Print]’
  • untick the ‘option’ of ‘Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities’
  • click ‘save PDF’

To be sure, you can open this PDF in Photoshop to ensure it has a transparent rather than white background before uploading it to our site (using the ‘Custom pages’ tab).